Ghillie Suits are worn to camouflage the user and to blend them into the background.
It was first used by shepherds in the Glens of Scotland. This allowed them to remain hidden while guarding the herds It is still very popular in Scotland’s hills and Ghillie suits are still favored by game keepers and Ghillies.They have now been adopted by the police and military marksmen.
The Ghilie Suit is a great piece of kit for those wanting a camouflage setup that can be used for all sorts of situations and environments These tough lightweight,  garments are compact and will camouflage you fully. It is usual to wear your normal clothes underneath as they are light and don’t make you overheat. The Ghillie suits are a great success story and come in fire retardant fabrics and as they are 3D  will give great concealment.
The Ghillie suits are made to break up the outline and the natural look and gives nearly complete camouflage.  We also have other extras such as our rifle rags to hide weapons or cameras, and gear wraps for face if used on its own.
These suits will blend you into your background Ghilie suits work in two ways: firstly they will break up your profile so that deer or birds are not scared by your shape,  second it will conceal your presence by hiding  and melting you into the background. This is much b better than normal camo pattern and thye are on in 2D. Only Ghillie suits offer almost complete camouflage. This works because the suits are so like the natural vegetation found in the outdoors.The suits are very tough , lightweight, durable and will easy fit into your rucksack. This means you can easily change out of the suit and head for the pub without looking like a out of work scare crow.